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Do any of the following sound like you?

  • Your mind is in an endless loop of asking the same freelance writing or blogging questions on repeat
  • You know a course will help, but your budget is lean and you want the most value for your money… fast!
  • You want to skip past the never-ending search for information and get to what you need NOW!
  • You’ve googled “how to become a freelance writer” or “how to create a blog” more times than you can count and you’re still just as confused as you were the first time you searched
  • You’ve told a few people about your ‘business’ but it still feels like a pipe dream
  • You’ve looked into a few courses, but how do you chose the right one?

If any of the above scenarios sound like you, then it's time to rethink your strategy.

Hey There!

I’m Kristi. 


A serial entrepreneur who’s passionate about helping new freelance writers and bloggers:

  • Get from $0 to profit faster than they can by themselves
  • Sift through the noise and get to the MOST valuable courses, products, and tools available… fast!
  • Stop Google “how to” and start implementing NOW

I’ve done everything from selling physical products on Amazon, flipping books online, blogging, MLM (way back in the day), and freelance copywriting.  

I’ve made all the mistakes available to a business owner.

This site is dedicated to teaching you how to avoid those same (sometimes costly) mistakes. 

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