emails that build meaningful relationships and sell on autopilot

Emails Are Your Virtual Salesman

Your emails do a lot of heavy lifting.  They strengthen your connection with your clients, build trust, and do the selling for you.  You wouldn’t hire just anyone off the street to sell on your team. 

Hey There!

I’m Kristi. 


An email copywriter that drops your ideal client right into the action by walking them through their pain right into the outcome they desire.  

I draw on their fears, pains, and goals to show them your product or service is EXACTLY what they need in their life. 

I’m a born and raised Trekkie from the great white north who lives and breathes online business. 

Freelance writer for hire

You're Hella Busy!

You’re busy and there’s just not enough time in the day to dedicate to learning the psychology and science behind an effective email campaign. 

You try to fit it in and you KNOW you need emails to grow your business, but it’s the last thing on your list and you don’t never get to it. 

email marketing copywriter


There is a strategy behind every sentence in every email.  Together, we come up with a strategy that makes sense for your business and map out the entire process. 

email marketing copywriter


I use the emotional triggers and psychological techniques required to move your client through their journey to buyer. 

email marketing copywriter


Your emails will create a meaningful connection and build a relationship with your client.  You’ll build authority and be the go to person for your clients. 

Are You Looking for An Email Copywriter That Takes The Time to Get to Know You AND Your Client?

"Kristi is an ABSOLUTE dream to work with. She really took the time during the on-boarding process to get to know me and my site plus exactly what I wanted help with. Her work is always delivered ahead of time with no nagging on my part. She is very thorough and fabulous with details. She's always open to adjusting our strategy and making changes. I couldn't ask for anyone better!"
Becky B

Build Authority and True Connections

"Kristi has raised my whole email situation from the dead and is turning it into an engaged and active tribe for me."
Anita Breeze
Online Business Owner