Helping driven, entrepreneurial women new to online business get to profit faster

Do any of the following sound like you?

  • Sitting at the computer going in an endless loop of trying to figure out how to find clients. 
  • Doing your bookkeeping and realizing you spent way more on coaches and courses than you’ve made so far.
  • Running into an issue with your website, and ending up going down the rabbit hole of what you SHOULD be doing in your business but don’t have time for, deciding it’s overwhelming and giving up for the day. 
  • Re-recording the same video for the 5th time because you are so anxious doing video of yourself on social media. 
  • Sending your 50th pitch…still no responses. 
  • Getting ¾ of the way through a coaching program only to realize your coach doesn’t really seem to care about your success so you start  feeling like a number on her “look how much I made this month” scoreboard. 
  • Talking to your mom on the phone, she asks “how’s business going?” and you immediately get a stomach pain because you don’t want to admit this thing no one thought would work is actually not working.
  • Posting on your social media as an “expert” like you’ve been told to do, but feeling like a total fraud because you aren’t actually an expert yet. 

If any of the above scenarios sound like you, then it's time to rethink your strategy.

Hey There!

I’m Kristi. 


A serial entrepreneur who’s passionate about helping women who are new to online business succeed by giving them the tools they need to:

  • Get from $0 to profit faster than they can by themselves
  • Create a winning mindset 
  • Sift through what’s important and what can be done later so they can reduce internal noise and start focusing on what will make the most difference

I’ve done everything from selling physical products on Amazon, flipping books online, blogging, MLM (way back in the day), and offering copywriting services.  

I’ve made all the mistakes available to a business owner…

…and this site is dedicated to teaching you how to avoid those same (sometimes costly) mistakes. 

I’m a born and raised Trekkie from the great white north who lives and breathes online business. 

I’m also a happily married mom of two stubborn and spoiled pups who have me totally wrapped around their little paws. 

Freelance writer for hire

Business is WAY harder than you thought it would be!

You’re not alone.  

Every woman who is new to entrepreneurship has to go through the gauntlet of emotions to get to the good stuff. 

Everyone tells you to get a coach…

…but coaches can be REALLY expensive and you just aren’t ready to lay down THOUSANDS of dollars for something you aren’t sure you’re ready for. 

You KNOW you need some help and resources, but you have NO idea where to turn.