If you’re struggling to with your freelance writing career, blogging for yourself, or adding SEO or blog strategy to your writing for client work, here are the resources I trust.

Each of these resources has been vetted by me.

I’ve used the specific strategies taught in each resource or course to help me quit my full time job, launch my freelance writing career, and add a variety of income streams to my business.

* The following links may include affiliate links. This means I may make a commission if you purchase through my link. I only post links for resources I’ve purchased or taken myself. I take your trust seriously and would never post a link I didn’t trust 100%.


Email Management – Convertkit

Convertkit is my all-time favourite email marketing system, ESPECIALLY for beginners. It’s user-friendly and easy to navitage and automate.

best email management program


If you’re new to freelance writing you’re probably asking questions like:

  • How do I get my first clients?
  • Should I do social media, write a blog, or something else?
  • Do I need a website?

When I first started my journey, I had all the same questions. I Googled constantly and although there was fantastic information online, I needed to jump ahead. I didn’t want to wait to make money.

I wanted clients YESTERDAY so I could leave my day job and write full time. Write Your Way to Your First 1K is the business-in-a-box course I used to get my first clients. Within a month, I had made back the cost of the course and then some.

Write Your Way to Your First 1K by Elna Cain

Who is it for?: Freelance Writers with little to no experience.
What do you get?: This course is essentially a business in a box. If you want to go from not knowing anything about how to become a freelance content writer to landing clients, getting paid, and calling yourself a freelance writer, this course will help you do exactly that.

Woman with curly hair sitting at a computer with brick wall behind her.  Text over lay "Write your way to your first 1K. the course that helped me get my first clients.  Skip the never ending Google searches! Get the guidance you need to make your first $1,000."

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Outreach Wins by Dayana Mayfield – Stop Waiting for Referrals

Who is this course for? Service businesses like freelance writers who want a repeatable system for cold email outreach. Dayana is a copywriter who grew her blogging business to 6 figures+ using this cold outreach system.
What you’ll get out of it: A step-by-step system and scripts for growing your business using cold email outreach.

woman with blond and brown hair sitting in a chair wearin jeans, a gray shirt, and a black sweater with a  silver laptop on her lap.  Gray Brick wall behind her. Text says "Outreach Wins. discover the exact system Dayana Mayfield used to grow her blog copywriting business to over 6 figures."

Need a Writer Website Fast?
Writer Website in a Weekend by Elna Cain

Who is this course for?: New freelance writers who do not have a website yet.
What you’ll get out of it: A step-by-step guide on how to create a website for your freelance writing business.

Image of man sitting at computer with notepad and office supplies around him.  Website is on laptop screen.  Text says "writer website in a weekend. get your writer website up fast so you can focus on getting clients."

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Feel Broken? Find Your Superpower With the Kolbe A

Who is this for?: Anyone who wants to understand their strengths and weaknesses (their natural mode of operation)
What you’ll get out of it: A deeper understanding of how you naturally spend energy so you can lean into it, and outsource or adjust for what you suck at!

image of broken glass on the floor.  Woman is holding a piece of the mirror glass and sees a reflection of her mouth.  Text overlay says "The Kolbe A Index.  Discover your super power."

See how the Kolbe A transformed my entire business by clicking here.


Want to Grow Your Blog FAST?

Who is this course for?: New or experienced bloggers.
What will you learn?: How to drive traffic to your website or blog. SEO, Pinterest marketing, and little known networking techniques.

image of fingers typing at a silver laptop on a wooden table. Text says "Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic.  grow your blog faster with  specific strategies from a successful blogger."

100 Lead Magnet Ideas by Tracy Lynn

Who is it for?: Anyone wanting to grow their email list using a good lead magnet.
What you’ll get out of it: Ideas and inspiration for your next lead magnet.

image of people drawn in chalk being pulled toward magnet.  Text says "100 lead magnet ideas. get more email subscribers with the right lead magnet."

Easy Backlinks by Debbie Gartner

Who is this ebook for?: Bloggers and those using blogs to market their businesses. Anyone who wants to grow their site ranking with backlinks.
What you’ll get out of it: The tools you need to grow your site ranking (authority in Google) through backlinking.

Image of silver laptop on desk with pink accessories like coffee mug, phone, pen, etc... White desk.  Text says "easy backlinks - get more traffic by building backlinks."

Easy On Page SEO for Beginners by Debbie Gartner

Who is this for?: Anyone who wants to understand and implement on page SEO.
What you get out of it: An understanding of how to optimize your website for Google with “on page” tactics.

woman writing on a notepad with blue coffee mug near her.  desk is made of wood.  Text says "easy on page SEO. attract your ideal reader to your blog with advanced on page SEO strategies."