The Life Changing Effects of Eliminating Caffeine

How Caffeine Is Zapping Your Energy

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I know.  This is a tough one and you probably don’t even want to read this. 

I read about the idea of removing gluten from my diet in the book Hashimoto’s Protocol, by Izabella Wentz and decided that I should at least try it.

I had JUST bought a french press and was loving my freshly ground, organic coffee made in my french press.  I was even frothing my own milk. I had finally figured out how to make the most delicious cup of coffee. I even started blogging about it. I did not want to give it up. But my need for more energy outweighed my need for delicious coffee.

So I had my last cup on a Thursday.  By Friday afternoon, I had withdrawal headaches and general discomfort in my entire body.  I was very tired and felt like I needed a fix.  The headaches lasted into Sunday night and part of Monday.

Finally, on Tuesday, four days after my last cup, the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal broke and I woke up BEFORE my alarm went off.  I thought it was a fluke.  I usually hit snooze for about an hour because I just can’t get myself out of bed in the mornings.

Wednesday rolled around and I was up before my alarm again, and I was wide awake!  I got up and did some housework and wandered around the house lost.  I had never been so awake so early before.

Thursday came around, and the same thing, and so on and so on.  I usually sleep in on the weekends, but I couldn’t sleep past around 7am.

I could not believe it!

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Kicking caffeine has been a LIFE CHANGER!!!

I had so much more energy that I started going to the gym in the morning with my sister. I now get up at FIVE THIRTY in the morning!!! FIVE EFFIN’ THIRTY!!!

I sometimes have decaf for the placebo effect, and it does the trick.

Results of This Test

Here is a rundown of the results of the kicking caffeine to the curb:

  • My mind has been so clear, I’m actually getting things done
  • I have more energy in the mornings, and my energy lasts longer throughout the day
  • I’m getting so much done at home, that I feel almost like a normal person
  • I no longer need so much sleep and waking up has been much easier
  • The day feels longer to me, and doesn’t feel like such a blur

Cutting out caffeine has been one of the best hashimoto’s natural treatments I have encountered.

Shouldn’t I Have Less Energy If I’m Not Drinking Coffee?

I read in the Hashimoto’s Protocol all the reasons why caffeine is not good for your thyroid, but I’ve also read in some articles that it is good for your thyroid.

This is why I decided to test it.  I don’t believe everything I read, so I decided to give it two weeks to see if there was any benefits to doing this, but it took less than a week to convince me!

After everything I’ve read and from just using common sense, I’ve figured out the following:

  • The thyroid regulates so many things in your body, introducing a stimulant (like coffee) is not good for it
  • Along with a thyroid condition, I likely have (and you likely have) adrenal fatigue.  Again, it doesn’t take too many smarts to figure out that this is not good for your thyroid.  Hitting already drained adrenals with a stimulant will only make things worse and will mess with your hormones
  • Coffee is an addictive substance, proven by my withdrawal symptoms
  • The stimulating effect of caffeine gives you a boost, then a crash, also not good for your thyroid

As much as I love making myself some “fancy coffee” in the french press, I love having clarity of mind, and energy even more.  I definitely won’t be going back to coffee or caffeinated teas anytime soon.

Try testing this for yourself. You won’t know unless you test it out.

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