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An Obsessively Detailed Review of Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic by Elna Cain

This blog post review of Elna Cain’s “Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic” Course will help you decide if the course is the right fit for you.  

By the end of this post, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether the course will help you get to where you want to go with your blog traffic. 

BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER: Elna (the course creator) did not ask me to write this post. The opinions in this post are 100% my own. If you purchase something with my link, I do earn an affiliate commission, but the opinions here are NOT swayed by commissions or the opinions of others.

If you’re looking to increase the traffic to your website with strong SEO (search engine optimization) strategies, Pinterest strategies, networking tips, and other techniques you don’t often hear in other blog courses, you’re in the right place. 

Elna offers tips and strategies that she learned by proving they work (lots and lots of case studies).  

She has used and tested every strategy she teaches. 

If any of the following sound like you or you’ve ever Googled, “how to get more traffic for my blog,” you’re in the right place:

  • You’re brand new OR experienced at blogging
  • You’ve worked hard on building out content for your blog but it’s not picking up the traffic you had hoped for
  • You’ve researched SEO and you’re not sure if you’re doing it right
  • When you log into Pinterest, you post a few pins, but you’re not exactly sure what you should be doing
  • After hours of research, you wonder if there is something the pros aren’t telling you
  • Your budget is small and you wonder “is there a way to increase my blog traffic for free?”

*This post may contain affiliate links.  This means if you purchase something after clicking a link on my site, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you.  This is how I’m able to provide quality reviews.  Please note that I do not promote any course or product if I do not 100% believe in the course creator and their ability to provide you with the high-quality information you need to meet your goals. 

Is It For Beginners or More Experienced Bloggers?

When I was getting ready to take this course, I wondered if it was a “how to start a blog” course.  

I was worried it would be a bit remedial for me. 

I was wrong. 

I’m an experienced blogger and I learned a LOT of new strategies that weren’t even on my radar.  

But if you’re a beginner and you’re thinking you’re not ready for it, you’d be wrong. 

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, you can learn something. 

Keep this course link somewhere easy to find.  Elna updates it regularly with new strategies.  You can go back in to pick and choose which strategies you want to focus on right now. 

I was working on cleaning up an old blog when I signed up.  Ready, Set, Blog For Traffic gave me a step by step guide on what to do right from the start.

I can also skip past the beginning to the meatier, more experienced strategies. 

I don’t have all this “how to start a blog” stuff memorized.  I’ll be keeping it in my back pocket for every time I need to clean up a blog, or if I buy or start a new blog. If you’re experienced, there may be some things you haven’t done yet and don’t realize you should have. 

The course offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a blog.  Elna even offers you a steep discount on hosting (60% at the time of writing this article.)

Elna starts with the basics of the blogs like how to write an about page and breaks it down for you in detail.

For instance, she helps you understand how to find your messaging, why niching is important and examples of starting broad and finding your niche. 

Who Is Ready, Set, Blog For Traffic For?

  • Anyone making affiliate income
  • Businesses who want to increase traffic to their blogs
  • Anyone selling courses
  • Anyone selling digital products
  • Bloggers or websites looking to make ad revenue from increased traffic
  • Anyone who needs more traffic to their website’s blog
Ready Set Blog for Traffic by Elna Cain Course Review.  Pinterest image with text overlay. Underlying image is of woman sitting at computer typing.

I’m Experienced, What Can I Get From Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic?

If you’re experienced, you’ll learn some new things that help you gain more traffic. 

For instance:

  • Ways to improve your rank more quickly
  • The type of posts you should create to get natural backlinks
  • How to beat the top post on Google (she has case studies to prove it works)
  • When you can beat the top spot and when you can’t
  • What NOT to do with backlinking
  • Ways to network with other bloggers (with guidance on how to approach them)
  • How to find ideas to make posts longer
  • How to find out what people want to read about
  • Simple ways to improve time on page
  • How to approach SEO so you stand out

If you’re an experienced blogger, you’re trying to find new and better ways to outrank your competitors.  

Elna goes through all the ways she has found to increase your Google rank, stand out, and improve your traffic.  

I believe every new OR experienced blogger will gain new strategies they can use to increase their traffic with Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic. 

Should I Take the Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic Course by Elna Cain?

Do you have a blog or ar thinking about starting one?  

Do you want traffic to your blog?

If you answered yes to BOTH of those questions, you should take Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic.

When I took her course, I was already blogging for 4 years,  I have 2 money-making blogs, and helped a client blogger of mine grow her blog income SIGNIFICANTLY.  

Even with the experience I have, I STILL learned quite a bit that I didn’t already know.  

Elna lays out how to grow traffic on your blog in a way that’s easy to digest. 

No filler.  

No fluff.  

Just strategies that WORK.

She’s not teaching strategies she THINKS will work.  She has proven case studies with screenshots so you can see what works and what doesn’t.  

These blog traffic strategies work! 

Is Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic Worth the Money?

In my opinion as a blogger and freelance writer who is already educated in SEO, Pinterest, and networking strategies…  

… it’s a loud and enthusiastic YES.  

As a new blogger or an experienced blogger, I truly think everyone can learn something from this course

Something I love about Elna is that she doesn’t fall into the games some people play to get quick, fickle traffic.  She builds a long term strategy that will build your traffic for years to come. 

She focuses on the RIGHT strategies, not shady tactics. 

If you’re serious about making money with your blog, the Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic course has everything you need to build up your traffic… fast! 

It’s very user friendly as well.  It doesn’t include the scary techy stuff that hold some of us back.

Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic is easy to consume lessons for all bloggers.  

Will It Help Grow My Blog Traffic? 

Keyboard, mouse, coffee, and plant on desk.  REady Set Blog for Traffic by Elna Cain Course Review
Office desk, top view

You don’t want to take a course to grow your blog traffic if it won’t actually do what you want…

…grow your blog income and traffic. 

Thing is…

… you have to DO these strategies for them to work.  

It’s not a magic pill.  

The strategies Elna lays out are simple and effective.  And they aren’t difficult to implement.  

But you have to implement them in order to get results (aka more traffic).

You can’t get muscles without doing the reps! 

If you take action on these strategies, your traffic should go up. And the best part is, Elna is really great at answering questions. She gives tons of support. If you’re doing something and it’s not working (unlikely), you can always message her to ask more questions or ask in one of her groups.

How Long Will It Take for My Traffic to Go Up?

This depends on SO many things like:

  • How much content you already have
  • How niched your site is (the more niche, the faster this stuff works)
  • The level of competition in your niche
  • How often and how much her strategies you action

This is not an overnight fix.  

Think of these blog traffic strategies like a snowball rolling down a hill.  Each strategy helps the last one keep the momentum going. 

What Can I Expect to Get Our of Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic by Elna Cain?

There are a LOT of detailed strategies in this course.  I recommend taking one or two at a time and implementing them.  They are all designed to increase your traffic if done as taught.  

>>> BUUUUUT… Given what I know about blogging, here is an example of what to expect: 

If you do some of her SEO strategies, I would hazard a guess (based on my experience and opinions), you should see a boost in traffic within weeks to a month.  This will vary based on each person and each blog.

I’m going to be straight with you. 

Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic had WAY more information than I expected. 

I expected the regular stuff like how to find keywords and basic Pinterest keywords strategies. 

But it’s clear to me now that Elna is SERIOUS about her blogging. 

I was blown away at how many blog traffic strategies I didn’t know about. 

*face palm

Here I was… thinking I knew my stuff. 

Here comes Elna with tactics I didn’t even know people were doing. 

Mind. Blown. 

I’m grateful I found this course.  

I truly believe some of these strategies are what separate the amateur bloggers from those making a full time income from their blogs. 

My Big Takeaway

Woman sitting in chair looking at curtained window with arms behind her head.  REady Set Blog for Traffic by Elna Cain Course Review blog post image.
Female sitting in front of window. Rear view

This was a tough one.  I learned so much that I’ll be going back into this course regularly for years to come. 

But my biggest takeaway was the networking and backlinking strategies.  

I also really enjoyed her case studies.  She documents blog traffic before and after she applies specific strategies with screenshots.  You can clearly see how these tactics affected her blog. 

That was really nice to see.  There are some big blogging gurus out there that talk about their blogging stats, but you never actually see them in practice.  It always makes me wonder if they are lying.  

Elna SHOWS us she’s the real deal with screenshots.  She’s got nothing to hide.  

Summary of What I Learned/What’s In the Course:

Here is a summary of what is in this course:

  • A basic “how to start a blog” section
  • What should be on your blog with examples
  • How to boost pageviews with case studies
  • Networking strategies to boost pageviews with case studies
  • Tips on faster blogging
  • Building on your SEO foundation
  • Quick SEO strategies to use RIGHT NOW
  • SEO strategies for brand new and aged blogs
  • Understanding and implementing keyword and backlinking strategies 
  • Going beyond keyword strategies and backlinking
  • Free tools for SEO
  • Optimizing existing content
  • Pinterest authority, traffic, keyword strategies
  • Quick Pinterest strategies for better click through rates right now
  • How to use all these strategies together
  • Pinterest tools
  • What to do with a tanking Pinterest profile
  • Using your content to organically generate traffic and comments
  • Optimizing old content
  • Headline strategies
  • Using Google Analytics the right way
  • Money generating posts
  • Creating posts specifically for Amazon marketing
  • 3 day live training recordings with Q&A
  • Email scripts swipe files
  • Pinterest Promo Cheatsheet
  • Guest posting guide for new bloggers
  • Pinterest group boards in 17 niches

Is There Anything I Didn’t Like Or Is It All Good Stuff?

There isn’t a lot of filler.  That’s one thing I love about Elna’s course. 

There are some videos that are recorded from live sessions and the first few minutes are Elna getting grounded and waiting for people to hop on.  

Other than that one criticism, it’s all high-quality content. 

Does This Course Have Actionable Steps I Can Use Right Now?


A lot. 

There are cheatsheets, quick SEO training you can use right now, email swipes, promo guides, etc.  

Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic is FULL of bonuses and actionable steps you can take right away.  

That’s why, in my opinion, if you implement these strategies, it won’t take long to see a bump in traffic. 

Is It Clear How to Implement What I Learn Inside Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic?

Everything is laid out in short, easy to digest modules.  

You can take a module and immediately walk away and use what you’ve learned.  Or if you need another go-around watching it, you can walk away and jump back into it later. 

Short, easy to consume, modules are my favorite way to take in a course. 

How Is Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic Put Together?

It’s a combination of videos, text lessons, and PDFs. 

There are a lot of images and screenshots.  Elna never leaves you hanging.  If she talks about a concept, she’s going to show you what she means. 

Every tool she uses, every technique you implement comes with screenshots or a video with a step-by-step lesson.  

Are There Bonuses?

There is an entire bonus section. 

Elna includes some bonuses like: 

  • 3 day live training recordings with Q&A
  • Email scripts swipe files
  • Pinterest Promo Cheatsheet
  • Guest posting guide for new bloggers
  • Pinterest group boards in 17 niches

Would I Recommend It?

100% yes.  

I’ll be using all of these techniques going forward to grow my blogs.  I’ve already started implementing a few of the techniques since taking this course.  

It can be VERY overwhelming to research everything you need to be a successful blogger.

Elna does a fantastic job of taking out all the scary techy jargon and giving it to you in easy, simple terms. 

With lots of videos, tutorials, and images, this course is created like Elna is teaching herself when she was new.  

About Elna

Elna makes over 20K/month from all of her blogs. She’s a well-established freelance writer, blogger, and entrepreneur.  

And my favorite part is how down to earth and real she is.  

She’s just like the rest of us.  She makes me go “I got this” because she’s so ‘normal.’  

She started the same way we all did.  She doesn’t have fancy training.  Everything she teaches is from experience and proof.  

She also doesn’t push products on you just because she makes a commission.  She started with a lean budget and expects that most bloggers will do the same.

She offers lots of free version of things like SEO keyword tools, etc…

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