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8 Freelance Writing Niches That Are Proven to Be Lucrative

If you’re a freelance writer, or an aspiring freelance writer, than you’re probably trying to figure out which of the freelance writing niches you want to dive into.

This can be frustrating, because there are SO many niches out there. You’re probably asking yourself:

Which freelance writing niches are profitable?
Which niches have the most work?
Which niche is easiest to break into?

I remember feeling the exact same way. So, here’s a list of profitable writing niches you can check out.

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1.Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is defined as basically anything that helps you market yourself online. This can be from email marketing, to social media, or even tools you use to help with your marketing efforts.

This is one of the most profitable freelance writing niches I’ve come across – according to many of my peers who write blog posts.

Here are some topics you could write about:

  • Email marketing tools like ConvertKit, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign
  • Social media marketing tactics
  • Social media marketing scheduling tools
  • Facebook ads
  • Blogging
  • Search engine optimization

These are just a few examples of topics you could write about. The subject of digital marketing is quite vast. You could create an entire freelance writing business surrounding this topic, as many who have come before you have already done.

It takes time, but I’ve heard of writers getting very high paying writing gigs in the digital marketing niche.

2.Retail Businesses

Many retail businesses use blogging as a way to generate leads. You do not need to be local in order to work for a retail business. One of my first blog writing jobs (as an official writer) was writing about RVs in a U.S. State I’ve never even been to (I’m Canadian).

You could pick a sub niche within retail businesses. If you do decide to niche down further, make sure you do research and make sure the niche you are choosing has businesses with a budget.

Retail businesses make great customers, however, they are usually the ones that need to cut back on marketing during a recession (or a global pandemic), so be careful not to put all your eggs in one basket.

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Health is a big niche and can be broken up into many, MANY sub-niches. Some examples are supplement companies, health products like exercise equipment or sleep aids. Some other health niches are gyms, or health supplements like shakes and keto products.

You are limited only by your imagination and the budget of the health companies. This is a REALLY big market! Niching yourself down will help you stand out.


E-commerce essentially means selling products online. So this can apply to ANY company that sells products via the internet.

Companies like this have a real need for writers who can write product descriptions and email campaigns including segmenting and automation. Things like abandoned cart sequences, and confirmation of purchase emails.

They also need blog content.

With e-commerce becoming in such high demand so quickly in 2020 due to the lockdown, I have no doubt this will change the way business is done in the future and this will be a continually growing niche.

freelance writing niches


i’m going to tell you what SaaS means because when I started writing, I had to Google it. SaaS means software as a service. These are companies that sell a monthly subscription to a program like Tailwind, Shopify, or Salesforce. Take a peak at this article by Hubspot to find out more about SaaS companies.

SaaS companies usually need conversion copywriters to help them attract and nurture clients. They often have free trials and a good writer will help them keep their free trial users as paying customers after the trial period ends.

They usually need conversion email copywriters to write detailed campaigns that teach the subscriber how to use the software and keep them engaged.

This is a highly profitable niche if you can break into it.

6. Finance

Finance is another highly profitable niche, but you need to have a pretty solid background in finance to make this work. I don’t know any finance writers who go from not knowing anything about finance to becoming successful writers in this niche. I’m not saying it’s not possible, but I would think it would take a long time.

This is such a wide topic and can range from basic personal finance blogs that write about budgeting and ways to save money to writing about investing, trading, and tax strategies. If you have an interest in the topic, give it a try and see what’s out there.

7. Sustainable businesses

I’ve seen a spike recently in my network of copywriters towards writing for more “green” and sustainable companies. Many copywriters find this to be one of their favorite of the freelance writing niches they’ve tried.

8. Parenting

Parenting is a beast of a topic in the writing industry. I’ve seen people make entire careers around writing on parenting topics. There’s just so much to write about, and there is such a huge market (parents) to appeal to.

The topic of parenting has soooooo many sub niches.

Topics like:

  • Nursing products
  • Parenting techniques
  • Baby products
  • Toys
  • Therapies
  • Birthing

Just to name a few.

Pick One of These Freelance Writing Niches (or Don’t) and Go With It

Thing is…

…you won’t know a niche is profitable until you actually dive in and start trying to find clients.

I didn’t pick a niche right off the hop and I still ended up becoming a well paid writer. You can do the same! The most profitable freelance writing niches I’ve experienced have been a (delightful) surprise to me.

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