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Is Write Your Way to 1K The Best Freelance Writing Course? [2024 Review – Elna Cain Course]

This Write Your Way to 1K course (by Elna Cain) review is a comprehensive (and detailed) review of Elna Cain’s Write Your Way to Your First 1K content writing (mainly blog posts) online course for new freelance writers who are starting from zero experience (or aren’t confident in their writing skills).

Write Your Way to 1K By Elna Cain in a Nutshell:

***Important: This is not a blind review – I actually took this course, am still active in the community, and have been through and implemented what’s in the course as a beginner in 2019.

What to expect from Write Your Way to 1K Course By Elna Cain

Write Your Way to 1K (or Write to 1K) was created by a mom (Elna Cain) who didn’t know what she was doing.

Now she’s a successful freelance writer with a good reputation who writes for big names like GoDaddy, and has a thriving business with consistent leads.

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  • It’s essentially a business in a box type of program. You’ll learn how to get up and running, how to create samples, how to find clients in various ways so you can pick the one that you enjoy most (not just job boards and cold pitching).
  • It’s the least expensive course of it’s kind that I’ve found on the market since I’ve been a freelancer (since 2019). ($195 or 3 payments of $75). I made my money back with my first client. You also get lifetime access.
  • There’s a supportive private Facebook group. Elna jumps in and there are lots of experienced freelancers there to help. You can even watch other new writers make extra money or go straight to a full-time income.
  • It helped me quit my job in 2019. I recently (2022) other success stories of new writers making a full-time income and quitting their job in a matter of months using the course.
  • You don’t need special writing skills (except basic english you learned in school) to start your freelance writing business.
  • It just. plain. works. if you implement what you learn.



Although the program does help you find resources to become a great writer, It won’t teach you how to be a great writer.

There is some training on how to put together a blog post and some bonus training from successful freelancers, but you won’t learn how to string a sentence together.

What I think 5 years after taking Write Your Way to 1K (in 2024)

If I could go back, I would have taken it sooner.

There’s no fluff, it’s PACKED with value, it’s helped myself and new writers in the community quit their jobs and land writing gigs.

The course includes new ways to find clients all the time, writing websites, marketing tools, cold pitch email templates and strategies, and more.

If you want clients FAST, take Write Your Way to 1K by Elna Cain. It’s a GREAT place to start.

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What You’ll Find in this Post:

If you want to know the best way to become a freelance writer with no experience (or very little experience) and you’re considering Elna Cain’s Write Your Way to Your First 1K online content writing course, this article is for you. 

You’ve dreamt of becoming a writer. 

Whether it’s a new dream or one that goes back to your childhood doesn’t matter. 

You want a writing business.

But your mind is stuck in a constant loop of questions. 

  • Who do I pitch and what do I say? 
  • How do I get my first client?
  • How do I keep getting new clients?
  • What’s my writing niche? 
  • How do I put together a blog post? 
  • What kinds of writing can I get paid for? 
  • How fast can I go from making $0 to a full time income?
  • Do I need a website?
  • Do I need writing samples?
  • How do I find recurring writing jobs?

So how do you become a writer when you have NO experience  (or very little experience)?

I had this EXACT question when I was working my 9-5 job.  

I wanted to be a writer so bad it hurt

The freedom. 

The creativity. 

The control of my own business. 

But I had NO idea what I was doing. 


I Googled “How to become a writer” every morning before work, on lunch breaks, and tried to find answers every night.  Obsessively. 

When I found Elna Cain and her Write Your Way to 1K online course, it was like the clouds opened up and rained down answers to all my questions. 

She is a blogger who started freelance writing and building blogs (like twins mommy). 

After reading a bit of her free content, it was clear she knew what she was doing. 

After torturing myself over the less than $200 USD it was going to cost to take the course, I decided to take the plunge. 

>>> Within the first few weeks, I made back my investment and more, landed a monthly client and never looked back.  

That same year, I quit my full-time job and became a full-time freelance writer. 

Taking the Write to 1K online course by Elna Cain was the BEST thing I did for my freelance writing business right from the start.

If you don’t want to spend a long time spinning your wheels and stressing about how you’ll make a full-time living (and a full-time income) from your freelance career, this course is a great way to build a solid foundation.

As of the date of writing (and updating) this blog post, Elna currently has a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. What a great, no risk way to see if it’s right for you!

*This post may contain affiliate links.  This means if you purchase something after clicking a link on my site, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you.  This is how I’m able to provide quality reviews.  Please note that I do not promote any course or product if I do not 100% believe in the course creator and their ability to provide you with the high-quality information you need to meet your goals.  

You Got This! Do it your way, we are all different

How to Become a Freelance Writer – What to Look For In an Online Course

Want to know how to become a freelance writer with no experience?

Of course you do, that’s why you’re here. 

You want to be a successful writer and get paid well for your writing skills. You’ve probably heard content mills pay peanuts.

So you’ve been looking for ways to skip the endless hours of reading free blogs and testing. You want to learn from someone who’s been successful.

The FASTEST way to success (and lucrative writing gigs) is by taking a course.  A course is a collection of hard learned lessons by someone more experienced than you. 

But how do you find one that’s not just crap?  One that has EXACTLY what you need without all the garbage?

I think it’s clear that I think Elna Cain’s Write Your Way to 1K course for freelance writers is your best option…

… but I want you to know what to look for in ANY course you take as a freelancer. 

If you’re new to freelance writing, money is tight.  

When considering a course, you need results quickly so you can recoup the cost of the investment. 

And provide you with a repeatable process.  

In the world of freelance writing, you need these two things to start your business:

  1. How to write well
  2. How to find clients

Learning how to write well takes time.  Find a course that teaches you the basics, then improve your skill with each new project and client. 

Finding potential clients is THE most important part of your business.  

If you can write really well, but you can’t find clients, you don’t have a business.  

If you write badly (not recommended), but you can find clients, you still have a business.  

In order to have a successful freelance writing career, you NEED clients. 

You need a course that will help you find clients in more than one way.  


You may not like pitching.  

You may enjoy using social media to find clients.  

Or maybe you prefer job boards. Or maybe you’ll use a combination of all three. 

Whatever course you take should teach you:

  • Multiple ways to find clients
  • Where to find them
  • What to say to them
  • How to handle them (good client experience)
  • What to charge
  • How to increase your rates

If you find a course for newbies that also teaches writing at a reasonable price, then you’re off to the races. 

Woman sitting on desk typing at a computer with text overlay that says "The Best Low-Cost Online Writing Course for New Freelance Writers"

Is Elna Cain’s Write Your Way to 1K Course Right For You?

In this Elna Cain Writeto1K course review post, I’ll help you determine if this course is right for you or not. 

So, let’s get to it. 

Do you aspire to be a freelance writer? 


Have you tried to start a freelance writing career with little to no success?  

This course is for you if you’ve ever asked yourself one of these questions: 

Do I need a site or can I do this without a website?

Which niche will make me the most money? Isn’t it too competitive?  How do I stand out?

Where do I find clients? How do I write for them?

What should I charge? When do I raise my rates?

How do I know if this job is a scam?  Where do I find legit jobs?

Is there a day-by-day guide I can follow to make money fast?

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What Will You Get Out of Write Your Way to 1K with Elna Cain?

If you go through every module, you’ll walk away with an incredibly thorough action plan on how to launch your writing career in 30 days (give or take). 

Elna walks you through the exact steps so you can get paid to write and go from $0 to $1,000 and gives you a repeatable process.

This course has everything you need to get started as a freelance writer.  

I’ve taken other courses throughout my freelance writing journey and Elna’s course is still the most comprehensive course I’ve taken for the price.  

I’ve paid a lot more for other courses that have taught me the same things Elna’s teaching.  

In my opinion, this course is THE course to take if you’re brand new to freelance writing. 

You’ll walk away knowing:

  • How to find prospective clients
  • What to say to them
  • Cold pitching basics
  • How to creating inbound leads with a marketing strategy
  • When to follow up
  • Ways to create a portfolio (hint: you don’t NEED a website)
  • What niche to chose and how to validate your choice
  • How to write fast
  • How to put together a blog post
  • How to look professional in front of clients (how to deliver work and interact with them)
  • How to level up your writing and offer SEO services
  • How to create samples
  • How to write guest posts
  • Where to get published right away
  • How to display your portfolio
  • Unlikely ways to find clients
  • How to stand out when applying to a job board ad
  • What to do once you master the basics
  • Where your writing career can go
  • Pitch scripts & pitch reviews
  • How to get higher paying clients
  • How to run your freelance business back end
  • How to get paid to write! 

And SO much more!!! 

There is NO guesswork.  You’ll see success stories from former students and there’s a ton of useful information that’s added as a bonus.

Go through the module, take action, and get paid to write!

As of the date of writing (and updating) this blog post, Elna currently has a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. What a great, no risk way to see if it’s right for you!

Does Write Your Way to Your First 1K Have ‘Fluff’?

Many courses have what I call “fluff.”  

Fluff is the unnecessary rambling to fill the space and beef up a course. 

This course is very lean.  

Elna doesn’t beat around the bush.  

She doesn’t make fake promises or tell random stories engineered to make you want to buy anything. 

She gets to the point fairly quickly and only tells stories related to how you can implement what she’s teaching. 

Does this course have actionable steps that lead to results?


Each module makes it clear how you can implement what she teaches. 

At the end, she offers a day-by-day 30 day challenge so you know EXACTLY what steps to take to grow your business. 

How Is Write Your Way to Your First 1K Put Together?

Each module is short. 

You can consume the information in bite-sized pieces.  

When I took this course, I was working full time and made my through the modules during my breaks.  

It’s easy to navigate, and each section is labeled well so that you can jump back and forth between sections. 

By Now, You’re Wondering, “Can’t I Get the Information for Free on Her Blog?”

Elna keeps the content of the course updated. 

Although she has a lot of free content, it’s spread out through many blog posts. It’s difficult to keep that many posts up to date.  She does update them, but the course is her priority. 

If you want THE most accurate and updated info (what’s working RIGHT NOW), the course is your best bet.  In my opinion, (years after taking it), it’s still the best place to get started.

Is it Clear How to Implement What You Learn?

Incredibly clear!  

Each module tells you how to implement what you’ve learned, and at the end, she has an action plan you can download and check off as you go.  

>>> The day-by-day action plan tells you EXACTLY how to land clients.  

Using the scripts, templates, and guides in this course, you should have no problem landing clients in the next 30 days or less. 

Implement what she teaches and ask questions in the private Facebook group when needed. 

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Are There Bonuses?


TONS of bonuses. 

Many new writers (like myself) end up in the copywriting world.  

She includes a copywriting guide, writing tips, a guide on how to wow your clients once you have them, an ebook on how to level up your writing business, pitching hand book, a 30 day “land a new client” challenge, and a ton more. 

She also has Interviews with successful writers who have:

  • Self-published
  • Landed clients in various ways
  • Broken into white paper writing and medical writing
  • And more

Is Write Your Way to Your First 1K by Elna Cain Worth the Money?

100% Yes!  

I paid my own money for this freelance writing course in 2019 when I was still working at my 9-5. 

I was very hesitant. 

It has every. single. thing. I needed to go from $0 to full time freelance writer.  

The only thing that would prevent you from making your money back would be your lack of implementing what is Elna Cain is teaching in the Write Your Way to Your First 1K course.

As of the date of writing (and updating) this blog post, Elna currently has a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. What a great, no risk way to see if it’s right for you!

Elna Cain Course Review – Would I Recommend This Course?


No question.  

Because I’ve experienced the results myself.  

I paid my own money, took the course and landed clients before I even finished the course.

If you are new to freelance writing, or you’ve been trying to put the pieces together from free content and it’s just not clicking, this is 100% for you

Is There Anything You Don’t Like About Elna Cain’s Write Your Way to Your First 1K Course?

I was hard pressed to find negatives, but I want to be 100% honest.  

The navigation makes it hard to remember where you’re at in the course.  Although that is not Elna’s fault, it is the limitation of the platform, Teachable. 

It would also be nice if I received notices of updates to the course.  Elna does makes a point to let us know if anything major was updated. 

Honestly, this course offers so much bang for your buck, I would recommend it to even intermediate writers who need help with promoting, pitching, etc.  

It’s such a valuable freelance writing course to have available.  I can hop in whenever I need to refresh my knowledge on something.  

About Elna Cain, the Course Creator 

Elna Cain is a freelance writer and runs several blogs.  She makes a healthy income from blogging and from freelance writing.  

I’ve had many one-on-one conversations with Elna since I began working as a freelancer.  She is very easy going, provides tons of support in her Facebook group, and it’s clear to me that her mission is to provide massive amounts of value in all her content. 

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You have a choice to make. 

You can take the long, frustrating road that Elna took when she started.  


The road that’s paved with pitches that don’t get responses.  

Reading endless free blog posts hoping to put the pieces together. 

Trying different job boards and never getting more than a few dollars for your work. 


You leap frog past all the things other writers have learned the hard way, and get right to the part where you get paid well to write. 

Take the next step today!

As of the date of writing (and updating) this blog post, Elna currently has a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. She also provides lifetime access! What a great, no risk way to see if it’s right for you!